Pampered Pet Portraits

Your Loving Pet, Photographed with Love…

Photographing Your Pet

Pampered Pet Portraits (c)

Elegant portraits of your special friend and companion, your adorable pet, be it cat, dog, hamster, bird, or even an iguana, matted and framed so that you will remember your pet for years to come. Makes a great gift or a memorial for a loved pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Photographer Dolores Russo will do a photoshoot of your pet and then replace the background with color to enhance your pet’s photo. You may also submit your own photos (see below for photo tips.) dog

(Tasker crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning, March 7, 2012. Her owners are very sad to lose a good friend, companion  and protector. She was with them for over 15 yrs. in Connecticut and made the trip a few months ago to Florida to retire too! I met Tasker and she was the most lovable and friendly Golden. I am so glad I took photos of her a few weeks ago. She is now memorialized and forever in her owners’ thoughts. She will always be there with Cindy and Doug…have fun at the Rainbow Bridge, Tasker!)



Your Loving Pet, remembered forever in a Special Portrait Photo

Backgrounds are matched to your pet’s coloring and fur.


My boy, Leo

You can submit your own photo or Photographer Dolores Russo will arrange a photoshoot of your pet.

If you would like your pet remembered in an elegant photo, contact me.




From a home photo by Pug’s owner, Darcy


Some clients have asked about doing their own photography with their pet. This is a great idea and here are some helpful hints to get that “perfect” photo of Fido or Fluffy (just love those old names!) –


Be sure your pet has been fed and has had a good nap. Like most of us, we function at our healthiest and cutest when  our bodies are happy.

You may want to begin your photos at home, in a natural setting. Then move to the outside for different lighting. Take your dog to the doggie park too. Your pet may be a very active one so try to get shots of their cute face as much as you can.

Have you seen pet photos with green eyes glaring back at you? Not natural. Besides, bright flashes will frighten your pet.

The next thing to consider is the angle at which you are shooting. First, set up your camera, probably with automatic settings if you are new at this, and start to “see” pictures in the viewer. Get down to your pet’s level, lay on the floor or the ground if you have to. Try some side shots too, while they are sleeping or playing.

Use props and toys to entertain. You could even use a snack to get your pet to pay attention and brighten their eyes. They love to play. A helper for this is ideal.

Take a number of pictures – 20, 30, 40!  Your camera card can handle it. Then download to your computer. Only after you have downloaded and SEEN the photos on your computer, nice and large, will you then be able to save the good  photos from the photoshoot and from your camera. Eliminate blurry photos and shots where the face is difficult to see.

Have fun, be playful. Tell your pet how wonderful they are. It will show in the photos.
Send me your best ones and I will do my “magic” to make a beautiful portrait even more so. Contact me to finish the job for you!

If you would like to have a pet photoshoot, contact me.

More help on how to take good photos with your camera HERE.

You thought I was kidding about the Iguana? — here’s my girl Iggy who lives in the Cayman Islands. She loves berries.



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3 thoughts on “Photographing Your Pet

  1. Very nice, Dolores! Wish I had a pet so I could use your talent. Best of luck in your venture. Love, Penny

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